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Geeks, Web Pages, and Surviving in a Non-Technical World

A very good friend of mine gave me a hard time about my web page today.

She took a look at it and said “Oh, black… you geeks are all the same.” I made my page high contrast for a couple of reasons:

  • It’s simple. I’m a graphic-design-impaired geek. My Photoshop skills are non-existant, and my free time to work on the page is pretty close to that too. Something clean and simple is quick to edit.
  • Hey, I think it looks good…

Her comment started me thinking about the “geeks.” I’m not at RPI right now. I’m in the “real world,” and technical savvy in the general population is in short supply.

I am not normal.

OK, so I’ve been accused of this before, but that was different. Even in a world where computers are coming more and more into use in the home and in business, I have a level of technical knowledge about computers that is above average. And I am usually around people who have more knowledge than I do about technical issues.