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Stopping and Starting

Current Reading: All the bills I just paid.
Current Listening: Come Monday, Jimmy Buffett

It’s funny - I’m out here just starting my professional life. Establishing myself. Making contacts, learning what I can, making plans.

After I believe 30 years in dentistry, my father’s retiring this year. The office is closed, he’s finishing taking call for the rotation and that’s it. He’s got a lot of well-earned vacation time ahead of him. It’s going to be very very interesting to see what my parents do with this newfound freedom.

Meanwhile, Julia is getting married to a really great guy who just happens to work at the same company I do. Nifty. Fate’s a weird thing.

I finally feel like I’ve got a grip on the code I own - things really feel like they’re all coming together (Watch this - I just jinxed myself).

Someday I’m just going to learn to keep my damn mouth shut.