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Stranger in a Strange Land

Current reading: Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation, Joseph J. Ellis, Knopf.
Current listening: Baggage, Sirsy and Bold, Catriona MacDonald - because they’re the only two CDs I didn’t pack.

Whee! I’m now safely here in California, and starting my second week of work at Apple. I’m currently in a week long class learning about the framework I’m going to be helping to maintain. This is stuff that I first worked with ten years ago, so I’m refreshing some old neurons, here.

Meanwhile, one of my oldest and dearest friends appears to have fallen for one of my newest friends who happens to be a co-worker. I’m ecstatically happy for both of them. I’d settle for HEARING FROM ONE OR BOTH OF THEM AT SOME POINT *cough* sorry about that. Where was I? Oh, right. I’m ecstatically happy for both of them. It’s a long time in coming and it looks great on you, kid. And no, you’re not generally unhappy. It’s probably just that you’re really happy.

Don’t let anyone tell you that “Sqyntz” are “Super Sour” - they’re not. But wow is Trader Joe’s a neat place. And Reed’s Extra Ginger Brew is excellent. I’m really enjoying the sheer plethora of choices of stuff that’s available out here. There really is nothing like it back east.

All the people I’ve met out here are fantastic. The crowd from #macintosh, the people at Apple, the lilyites out here - they’re all really great. Thanks a lot for making this an easy move for a guy who’s never lived further west than Pittsburgh.

Write, eh? I need to populate my address book again…