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'Cause I Have Found Me a ... Er, Um... Hrm.

Current reading: All the Cocoa documentation I can lay my hands on.
Current listening: The QA guy in the office next to me, swearing at his computer. Or at us, I’m not sure which.

The Jimmy Buffett song that the title is snarfed from actually goes “‘cause I have found me a home.” Nice sentiment, but I still haven’t completely settled on a place here. Which is really disturbing because I really need a place to live that I can move all my stuff into - wherever all that stuff may be.

It’d be a whole lot easier if everything wasn’t so damned expensive. That and the two places I like best have other problems associated with them.

Well, ok, I lied. The expense isn’t the problem, because I really can afford it. It’s just that if I do that it means, yes, I really do live here now, and not anyplace else.