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Probably Just Not My Day

Actually, it’s probably not my week. I’ve been wrestling with a couple of problems at work which have been pretty much kicking me around. One of them which has been around close to a month turns out to be something completely other than what I was looking at, and it was discovered by my boss and a coworker of mine yesterday. The fix went in today.

So yesterday when someone said “Oh it was obvious,” I wasn’t feeling so hot. OK, no biggie, right? Wind up going to dinner at the place right out in front of work where they not only brew their own ales and stuff, but they make their own root beer. The appetizer shows up, along with the root beer and I think “OK, grab some food, go work on the solution to some of the other problems I’ve been wrestling with, but first! A sip of root beer.” When I pick up the glass, the bottom of the glass stays with the coaster on the table, and the handle and the rest of the glass come away in my hand.

This of course leaves only one place for the root beer to go: all over the table, dripping on to the seat. For this, the restaurant offers to dry clean my coat and give us the appetizer for free. Gosh, thanks.

Today, integration fails miserably for a bit until I figure out the right sequence of things to do to get it to build.

Maybe I should just take a nap ‘til oh, say… Monday next.