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Firebombing the Apartment

…because it really is just that messy.

It’s amazing. I get home from work, and pretty much about the only intellectual stimulation I can handle is watching some randomly selected DVD and going to sleep.

Well, trying to go to sleep. That part seems to be giving me a bit of trouble. I get tired, but I have zero desire to actually wander over, crawl into bed and fall asleep. So I usually just wind up cycling DVDs or something until I wake up in the recliner wondering why my neck hurts.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to nail down a bunch of fairly random bugs floating about in some of my components and it’s not precisely clear which things are causing what. I hate the easter egging approach to all of this, but playing around with version control is proving to be very instructive. Unfortunately we don’t always get great information in the bugs when it first showed up, so regressing things can be annoying, but I’m certainly learning a bunch of new things every day…