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Tabs, Charles Atlas, and Hints I'm Getting Older

I had a couple of those experiences today that said to me “Hey, Chris, you’re really dating yourself here.” A friend of mine was recounting a story involving a very large person intimidating him in the laundry room of his apartment building. I said “Why is it I’m having visions of a modern-day Charles Atlas ad?” and got back basically a bunch of blank stares except for one guy who got the reference. It took me a second or two to realize the blank stares were coming from people all roughly ten years younger than myself.

Next up: Web browsers. I made a reference to Safari and it’s new tabbed browsing feature by saying something like “If you have too many Tabs in the window, does it get cancer?” and then had to explain about the diet soda. Granted this joke was a lot more of a stretch, but again I was hoping for more than one person to get the reference.

Clearly I’m not hip enough.