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Duh! Moments

I seem to have had a few of them lately; here are a few examples:

The Coding Duh! Moment: There I am, poking at a bit of code to do string replacements. Discover that the routine I’m using (this one, if you’re interested) doesn’t seem to be working, which surprises me. Write up a quick test program, and it works. Poke at my code some more, and still nothing. Go to dinner and come back? Duh! It helps if you point the thing at the right string, which I wasn’t doing.

The My Knee Hurts Duh! Moment: Lately, getting out of bed, I’m discovering that my knee bothers me a bit for a while afterward. So I start to figure I’m getting older (ancient to hear some co-workers describe it) and that’s to be expected. Then, this morning, I look back at my bed and there it is: Duh! I sleep on a futon that’s incredibly low to the ground and picking myself up out of bed is stressing my knee. You’d think I’d’ve caught on to this one sooner since a doctor friend of mine pointed that out to me about my car.

I suppose this sort of thing is to be expected. It just seems to be happening more and more often lately.