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RSS, Atom, and the Insanity That Is the Internet

I asked some friends of mine a while back about (as I put it) “this Atom thing I’m hearing about” and was treated to a few minor diatribes about why RSS sucks rocks through a garden hose. Not having been an RSS junkie other than using MoveableType’s RSS support, it didn’t make a whole lot of difference to me.

It’s starting to impinge on me a bit as some of the things I’m doing at work have to do with parsing XML, and the implications of that in a situation where you can’t guarantee the integrity of the data you’re getting (in RSS’ case, a feed). Mark Pilgrim has a great breakdown of the The myth of RSS compatibility. He’s revised his count of incompatible RSS versions - up.

Read Mark’s article. Then, shoot over to read up on Atom. When I get a chance, I might lash up an Atom feed of my own. In my Copious Free Time.

On second thought I’ll just wait ‘til MT does it.