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Disgusting Foodstuffs

My parents have a summer place in the Thousand Islands in Northern New York. The Antique Boat Museum is having an exhibit for the next year about Round Island (or Frontenac Island) and my parents have lent the “Mimsy” to them for the exhibit.

The “Mimsy” is a Dyer Dink and by all accounts sails like a bathtub. Still, the old wood and the red sail look great to me.

I appear to have made some rather serious culinary purchasing mistakes in the last couple of days. As a public service announcement, I’ll let you in on my embarrassing purchases, so you don’t have to suffer the same way I have.

First up, the Chocolate brownie CLIF bar. Never before have I purchased food that looks more like something you shouldn’t step in. The stuff just looks like, well… crap. Have about a gallon of water available to eat this too.

The other one is Safeway Select Clear Sugar Free Naturally Flavored Raspberry & Blackberry Sparkling Water Beverage. I’d link to a picture but I can’t seem to find one on Safeway’s site. You’ll just have to be on the lookout for it yourselves in the store. I picked it up because I completely missed the red streak with white letters in it that said “SUGAR FREE”. Ordinarily I would never have picked anything sugar free, but I wasn’t paying attention. This stuff is nasty.

‘Course, I should probably just put a big red streak with white letters on this site that reads “CONTENT FREE”. It’s a blog. What do you want, Hemingway?