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Buddy and I are in Bachelor Officers Quarters until Sunday while Kat is in North Carolina on vacation eating Chick-Fil-A and I am not jealous at all about this. Really.

This apparently means the dog wakes up at 5:10 AM regardless of what we’ve been doing for the last, oh, 8 weeks. The morning routine is pretty straightforward:

  1. Dog wakes up at some unknown time in the morning.
  2. Dog waits for what seems to him an interminable amount of time (5.2 seconds) before finding exposed skin and licking incessantly.
  3. I wake up wondering what the heck is happening.
  4. Oh it’s the dog (about a minute - I’m slow in the morning).
  5. Go to the kitchen.
  6. Feed the dog (1/3 cup food + 1/3 cup brown rice - about a minute and a half).
  7. Let the dog out.
  8. Take the dog to the park for a rousing game of Fetch and Chase Stuff (30-45 minutes, depending on what other dogs are around).
  9. Walk home.
  10. Play a rousing game of Sit On The Couch And Sigh Occasionally.
  11. Prepare a Kong bone with treats inside for the dog.
  12. Put dog in crate and go to work.

The lunch routine is the same thing, just start at step 7 above. Sometimes we skip step 8 depending on how much time I have to spend at lunch.

Dinner is just steps 7 to 10.


I kind of enjoy the structure to my day. The break in the middle to let the dog out is a great way to get out of the office.